CameronGlobal Group
CameronGlobal Group
Managing Director. David Matthew, Ph.D. is a founder of CameronGlobal and its subsidiary Cameron Investment Advisors. For over a decade prior, David was a Partner at Gartner subsidiary, The Research Board, where his responsibilities included research and consulting to the CIOs of 100 of the largest companies in the world, designing and facilitating ad hoc meetings and management of the CIO electronic exchange network. David earlier founded and headed an early personal computing software firm, ITCS Software. He has also served in the strategic planning function with the Xerox Information Resources Group, Penton/IPC Publishing and American Management Associations. David has been honored for his writing by the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Society of Arts and Letters. His Ph.D. and M.A. are from Columbia University Graduate Faculties and his A.B. is from Columbia College.
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