CameronGlobal Group
CameronGlobal Group
Current partnering candidates:
Sapimus An Internet Squared start-up offering a billion-dollar-brand-building opportunity. Points of entry are healthcare market segments neglected by current web providers. Profitability is within 12 months of launch and profitable capital return options are clear.
MobileUSA A unique new service for business and pleasure travelers to the US. It provides native number convenient voice and message mobile services in the US at unprecedented prices. Currently raising expansion capital for 18 new countries.
A2W. An international company using unique design expertise to provide pure, potable water extracted from the atmosphere. Applications include offices, homes, military installations, extreme sites, HVAC systems, chemical plants. Mezzanine capital to fund expansion.
IDentity Protection Solutions. A start-up with patented technology that secures two-way identity of telephone callers, whether using mobile, VOIP or land-line technologies. Applications include the social networking, dating market, transaction-based markets, law enforcement and professionals, such as healthcare professionals, remote sales forces and real estate brokers.
Biophan. An IP firm seeking to partner with industrial enterprises able to support clinical trials and to manufacture products based on its substantial portfolio of international patents in the healthcare, drug delivery, adhesives and coatings markets.
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